What makes a good property management company?

Professional commercial and technical management

A first sign for a future successful cooperation is the fact that the property management is operated full-time. Ideally, the employees in property management are trained and appropriately certified in their areas of expertise. In order to manage the day-to-day business professionally, it is not only important to be readily available and to respond quickly to all incoming inquiries.

The commercial and technical administration is at the heart of the property management activities and forms the foundation of a reliable property management. In all matters of commercial management, the right training ensures expertise and diligence. After all, all processes must stand up to critical scrutiny. When it comes to finances, transparency and absolute reliability are particularly important. “Good” businesspeople have also integrated the constant review and optimization of processes into their work routine. This improves performance and saves money for the WEGs. In the technical area, it is the experience of the employees that counts in addition to their training. Using standardized and adapted checklists, even larger properties and older portfolios can be effectively monitored through regular inspections.

Experience and innovative thinking

Being able to demonstrate experience and expertise is a great advantage. However, a permanent routine often leads to entrenched structures. Creativity and innovative thinking then quickly fall by the wayside. Many new companies founded by young entrepreneurs, on the other hand, focus on innovation and creativity - but they lack practical experience. Therefore, it is ideal if the conception of a modern, digitalized property management goes hand in hand with the expertise of experienced employees. In this way, the best of both worlds - experience and a willingness to innovate - can be combined.

Constant further development and improvement

Especially in real estate management, where legal changes and regulations are the order of the day, regular training is of particular importance. In order to be able to meet the constantly new challenges with effective solutions, know-how and further development are essential. In a digitalized property management, this naturally also includes the implementation and optimization of technical solutions. The standards applied within property management for innovation and reliability also apply externally: Partnerships and contracts with service providers must be regularly reviewed in order to be able to offer property owners and tenants optimal performance. In the best case, this leads not only to improvements, but also to benefits. As a major customer, for example, property management can obtain more favorable terms from service providers such as tradesmen, janitor services and insurers. In this way, the cost structures of the WEG can be optimized and sustainable property management can be achieved.

Tailor-made concepts for every WEG

Every WEG is unique.

The special features of a property, as well as the diversity of the owners, result in different, sometimes contradictory demands on the management. As a result of this and the property-specific circumstances, each WEG has its own special needs. In addition, these requirements usually change over time and legal changes and regulations are added. A rigid management scheme cannot meet these demands in the long run. Therefore, it is the task of a good property management to develop an individual concept for each WEG and to adapt it continuously to the changed requirements.

Challenges and opportunities

A central component of good management is the timely development and implementation of optimal solutions for everyday and emerging challenges. It is even more optimal when such challenges are not recognized as a chore, but as an opportunity to be seized. An example of this would be a topic that is increasingly being brought into focus by legislators and society: Climate protection and sustainability. What could be more obvious than to develop concepts to meet the new requirements and to benefit from the environmental improvements? This can be achieved through long-term cost savings and thus better rentability of the property, which is possible through intelligent renovation concepts and the use of renewable energies. The ideal exploitation of subsidies supports this with additional short-term cost savings.

Specialization and diversity

Ideally, a property management company is also appropriately specialized: The range of activities is large and extends from WEG management, rental management, special rights management to the management of commercial properties. If, for example, property/real estate development and real estate brokerage or even portfolio management and asset management are added to this, this can no longer be performed by a normal property management company. For this, specialized teams are needed within the property management company, which can take on these areas through appropriate training and further education as well as experience and expertise. What "lone wolves" or lateral entrants as property managers cannot solve, our specialized teams implement for you every day.